Buying a Home

Attentive & Dedicated

Buying real estate is more than just looking at properties and picking one that works. It’s finding the right home, at the right price, in the right location – with a minimum amount of time and inconvenience – not always an easy task! The best way to achieve these objectives is to work with a professional REALTOR® who understands your needs and wants, time frame and budget.

The Importance of a Buyer’s Representative

A Buyer’s Sales Associate is a REALTOR® who works exclusively for you, to assist in researching and purchasing a property. This exclusivity distinguishes a Buyer’s Representative from the Seller’s Representative (aka “Listing Agent”) who is the legal representative of the seller and working in their best interests. Before calling the number on the sign, consider retaining your own representation. It usually won’t cost you anything! (In most cases, buyers’ agents are reimbursed by the seller).

Here are some great reasons to retain your own agent!
  • We can help you obtain invaluable details about the properties you’re looking at: historic sales data, comparable properties, a second opinion of value, and potentially other information about the property that the seller’s representative can’t legally provide.
  • We can negotiate on your behalf (the seller’s representative cannot do this – they must work in the seller’s best interests)
  • We can help you find foreclosures, exclusive listings and other properties that may not be listed for sale on the open market.
  • We offer discretion, confidentiality, loyalty, and obedience.
  • This service usually won’t cost you anything, and can save you thousands of dollars!